Rate & Approve Call For Proposals

Review, score and approve submissions as they roll in. PheedLoop gives your team the tools to get your speakers selected and on your schedule faster than ever.


Collect Submissions & Build Your Event Schedule

Call for proposals is one of PheedLoop's most powerful, and deeply integrated systems. Create custom flows, embed custom surveys, capture session and co-speaker data, enable file uploads, and more.

Create review panels, and even specify areas of expertise to reviewers. Each reviewer automatically gets access to their reviewer portal, where they can start grading proposals based on your criteria!


Announce New Speakers Faster

Applicants can view and update their submissions

Tired of email tag with speakers who want to edit their proposals? Not anymore! Once submitted, applicants can always go back to view their status, and edit every aspect of their submission until your cut-off date!

Update your event website & app instantly

Ready to accept a proposal? Speakers, sessions, and their files are instantly added to your website, app, and guides. Speakers also get instant access to their speaker portals!


Attract & Manage More Speakers

Add Custom Fields
Approve To Add To Schedule
Send Automated Reminders
Invite More Reviewers
Export All Proposal Data
File & Slide Uploading
Editable Submissions
Filter Submssions


Call For Proposals Frequently Asked Questions

How many co-speakers can applicants add?

The limits depend on your settings. After submitting , the applicant can continue to edit every aspect of their proposal, at which point, if allowed, they can add more co-speakers.

Can I export proposal data?

PheedLoop allows you to export all your proposal data at any time from your dashboard. The exports contain complete speaker/session details, and average grades from reviewers.

What session-related fields are captured?

Session title, description, files, tracks/themes, presentation format, and target audience are captured by default. You can adjust these, and add any custom questions.

Can I turn off proposal editing?

Absolutely! At some point, you'll definitely want to stop more changes from happening. You can turn off all or specific editing functions at any time via your dashboard.

How does PheedLoop get more speakers?

PheedLoop tracks incomplete applicants, or those who were about to submit a proposal, and automatically follows-up via email to get them to finish their proposal.

Are proposal portals mobile compatible?

Yes, proposal portals can be accessed via any device, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Reviewer portals are also mobile compatible, ensuring simple applying and reviewing.

Can I assign specific proposals to reviewers?

PheedLoop allows you to apply several filters to narrow down which proposals any particular reviewer sees. Filters like session track/theme, format, target audience, etc.

Can I hide personal details from reviewers?

Yes! If you would like to hide personally identifying details tied to proposals from reviewers in their portals, it takes no time at all to set it up using your dashboard.

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